About the project

The CONFETI project will validate, at laboratory scale, an innovative, self-sustaining technology for the photoelectrochemical capture and conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen compounds (N2) directly from air or flue gas into urea. The system promotes the circular economy by recycling and converting nitrate (NO3-) not consumed by the plant into ammonia using photocatalytic technologies that work with sunlight.



  • To develop an electrocatalytic technology for CO2/N2 capture and in situ production of urea.
  • To develop a photocatalytic technology for CO2/N2 capture and in situ production of urea.
  • To develop Solar Microbial Fuel Cells (SMFCs) with immobilized bacteria able to power electrocatalytic systems and operate in the field.
  • To develop an application-specific integrated circuit able to operate at low-voltage ranges.


  • To generate a library of photo and electrocatalysts for N and CO2.
  • To generate a library of solid-state electrolytes able to capture N2, NO3 and/or CO2.


  • To create a transdisciplinary research team.
  • To train the new generation of specialists in CO2 and N valorisation technologies


  • To protect knowledge and Intellectual Property.
  • To identify market opportunities in smart cities.


  • To impact on Environment and Human Health regulatory frameworks.
  • To increase awareness on climate change, global warming and energy crisis to society.


  • Lab-scale proof-of-concept system

    A novel technology able to capture, activate and valorise C and N compounds.

  • Renewable energy-powered system

    Self-powered by solar panels, solar photoreactors and Soil Microbial Fuel Cells (SMFC).

  • Eco-friendly formulations¬†

    New electrolytes based on water, ionic liquids, deep eutectic solvents or solid state smart materials.

  • CRM-free catalysts

    Novel electro and photocatalysts based on non critical raw materials, such as N-doped carbon materials, nickel phosphate oriron phosphate.

  • Integral solution for agriculture

    A simpler and competitive fertilization process based on in-situ production and autonomous delivery of the urea fertilizer.




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Gonzalo Guirado López

Project coordinator Autonomous University of Barcelona