Confeti System

Leveraging novel technologies, CONFETI will develop a proof-of-concept device combining three reactors in a single, self-powered, and circular system for urea production.

The CONFETI system will be powered by renewable energy sources through a combination of soil microbial fuel cells (SMFC) and solar panels. The final proof-of-concept system for urea production will result from the combination of three pocket-scale reactors:


An electrochemical reactor for the capture, storage,and conversion of CO2 and N2 to urea.


A soil fuel cell capable of generating energyfrom the microorganisms present in the roots of plants to perform theelectrochemical reactions.


A photochemical reactor for thereduction of nitrate (NO3-) to ammonia using photocatalytic technology withsunlight.


CONFETI System Infographic

The assembly of the 3 reactors in a single self-sustaining system will allow the production of the fertilizer in situ, with the added value of minimizing unwanted pollution episodes associated with fertilizer by-products (i.e. NO3-).
The energy for the photoelectrochemical catalysis will also be generated in situ from renewable energy sources. The electricity needed to power the electro- and photocatalytic devices will be generated on-site from renewable sources.


Gonzalo Guirado López

Project coordinator Autonomous University of Barcelona